Staking your Imaginary Ones (IO)

Imaginary Ones NFT Staking

How to stake my IOs (Step-by-step guide)

  1. Using a desktop, head to Make triple checks to ensure that you are on the right website.
  2. Connect the wallet that you kept your IOs in.
  3. Choose IOs that you wish to stake.
Selecting IOs to be staked
Staking confirmation pop-up
Staking successful
Staking rewards available
Unstake successful

Staking Rank Structure

Your IOs will rank up over time, this is the current rank structure-

IO adventure rank structure

Staking Rewards

For the launch, we have some rewards lined up for stakers.

  • Whitelists — All subsequent whitelists gained through collaborations will be for stakers only.
  • Claims — Goodies that will be available for all stakers. Claim them all!

Other things to do when Staking

Work in progress
  • Inventory (Work in progress) — Manage your loot. 🔥 them or throw them away. Your inventory, your rules.
  • Achievement Badges (Work in progress) — Achievements can be earned through specific tasks that can give you certain boosts.


Wen staking?
Staking will be available on 1st August 2022, SGT 8pm. It can be accessed through a desktop at



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