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Imaginary Ones
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  • 1. Imaginary Ones Ecosystem
  • 2. Imaginary Rides TDLR
  • 3. Casual Gaming Market Potential
  • 4. Bubble Rider Immense Success (Phase 1)
  • 5. Imaginary Carnival (Phase 2)
  • 6. Imaginary Rides Mint Details
  • 7. Value of Imaginary Rides
  • 8. Imaginary Rides Twitter Spaces
  • 9. Imaginary Rides/Imaginary Ones Team
  • 10. Imaginary Ones as a Brand/IP Accomplishments

1. Imaginary Ones Ecosystem

At Imaginary Ones: We want to onboard millions of people into Web 3.0.

We don’t think any project has done it yet, and we are racing (pun intended) to be the 1st.

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2. Imaginary Rides TDLR

Imaginary Rides is your early adopter pass into our casual gaming ecosystem (Imaginary Carnival).

As Imaginary Rides holders, you can play to earn rewards.

We have designed this truly unique gaming ecosystem to benefit both gamers (commit time) and holders (commit funds).

The success of Bubble Rider proves that there is a market for casual gaming.

We want to bring this to the next level. And to win the casual gaming market.

To grow this 10x, 100x & onboard millions into our ecosystem.

We want you to join us on this journey.

3. Casual Gaming Market Potential

Casual gaming is one of the fastest-growing industries.

The market size = $15.5b in 2022.

CAGR of 8.9%.

Approx 17 billion app installs/year.

As an Imaginary Rides holder, you are poised to tap into this huge casual gaming market.

We have demonstrated this with the success of Bubble Rider, the 1st ever Web 3.0 casual game with breakthrough adoption.

4. Bubble Rider Immense Success (Phase 1)

The stats of Bubble Rider are extremely promising.

We don’t think anyone in this space has done this before (to our degree of success).

We are the 1st to do so.

  • 6m+ runs (in just 3weeks)
  • 55k+ players
  • 70+ partner communities
  • Close to 800 years of gameplay time
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5. Imaginary Carnival (Phase 2)

The next phase of Imaginary Rides will be explosive.

We are building Imaginary Carnival, the Web 3.0 of Disneyland.

Think interactive gaming experiences, hyper-casual gaming, and rewards-based gamification.

The Imaginary Carnival is a digital theme park.

One where you can play, have fun, and earn rewards like an actual carnival.

Players will use in-game gold coins to play various fun games.

Completing each game enables you to earn bubbles and crypto rewards.

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6. Imaginary Rides Mint Details

Allowlist Mint Starts: 7th May, 10pm ET / 8th May, 10am SGT

Duration: 24 hours

Mint Price: 0.13 ETH

Collection Size: 10,800 Mintable (20,000 total)

There will be NO PUBLIC MINT.

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7. Value of Imaginary Rides

Each Imaginary Rides will get roughly 1/3 of the long-term rewards of each Imaginary Ones.

For example:

  • 1x Imaginary Rides = 1 Token
  • 1x Imaginary Ones= 3 Tokens
  • Imaginary Rides + Imaginary Ones = More Tokens multiplier

8. Imaginary Rides Twitter Spaces

Listen @

9. Imaginary Rides/Imaginary Ones Team

The Imaginary Rides/Imaginary Ones team are fully doxxed.

Clement Chia (Co-Founder)

David Lee (Co-Founder)

Read more about our co-founders at:


Some notable interviews:

10. Imaginary Ones as a Brand/IP Accomplishments

As a brand, we become the first Asian-born NFT project to successfully collaborate with HUGO.

Together with HUGO, we launched:

  • HUGO x IO NFTs (sold out in 6o seconds)
  • HUGO x IO Merch (sold out in under 5 minutes)

We had over 10 million media impressions:

Our collaboration was so successful that we were featured in HUGO BOSS 2022 annual report, under Powerful Stories/Powerful Brands.

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We had a successful experimental retail concept at the HUGO Store Marina Bay Sands & HUGO Store Orchard ION from 9th Dec 2022, whereby our HUGO x IO branded merchandise was fully sold out.

Store Takeover #1: Marina Bay Sands

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Store Takeover #2: Orchard ION

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Imaginary Ones

Imaginary Ones is a delightful 3D animated art with 8888 magical characters NFTs on the Ethereum network.

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