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Imaginary Ones
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Written by: Caleb Hoon (kbby | imaginary ones)

The presentation was done on Twitch by Gentlewhale (David) and Cmttat (Clement) on 1st March 2023. Watch the full video here.


  • We shared our vision as a brand — To influence people to live the best version of themselves.
  • The core product, a Health & Wellness super-app, helps us penetrate the Web2 audience.
  • Imaginary Rides is ready to join the Imaginary Ones collection. It will be in our apps, games, and the Imaginary World ecosystem.
  • Imaginary World is in good progress. We have working prototypes of the interface and mini-games.
  • Multiple teams are working on different arms of the Imaginary Ones brand.
  • Imaginary Ones will be a leading entertainment & wellness brand.

Renewing the Vision

At Imaginary Ones, we believe in living life to the fullest and spreading positivity wherever we go.

We encourage everyone to embrace their imagination and live their best life.

The Core Product

Our goal is to empower everyone to be Imaginary, and that’s where our Core Product comes in. This product is designed for web2 and web3 audiences and is meant to be used daily. We’re leveraging the strength of blockchain technology and the power of the community to market it together.

With enough adoption, we can turn users into loyal fans and paying customers who become part of our community. This allows us to improve the product and offer more rewards to our holders.

We’re excited to share an exclusive first look at our app, temporarily codenamed “Project iWalk.” It includes a step tracker, other wellness components, gamification, and social elements.

The Imaginary Rides

We’ve been teasing Imaginary Rides for a while and are thrilled to announce that they’re almost here — complete information to be released by March 2023.

We have 4 main goals for the rides:
1. Reward holders for being with us
2. Expand the reach of our ecosystem and allow more people to jump onboard the IO dream.
3. New gamified innovations.
4. New possibilities of partnerships

The collection will be fully animated with varying rarities. We have Rides in the Air, Land and Sea. Should you have one of each vehicle..?

Here are some things you should know.

  • All holders staked with us until adventurer status will be entitled to an airdrop.
  • Imaginary Rides is a larger collection than our genesis IO collection.
  • We will be releasing a *mini-game* for the allowlist. Imaginary Rides will include partnership collaborations in the game.
  • Partners will have their rewards and leaderboard to compete under their banner. We’re excited to see which community brings their A-game!

Tokens (TBA)

We will be introducing the Imaginary Ones tokens to support our Imaginary World ecosystem. Holders will be distributed tokens.

Imaginary World

Our long-term dream is to create a virtual world where all Imaginary Ones can unite, play, and learn.

The city and buildings are designed to be fun and charming, with creative and vibrant elements that mix different cultural references and fantasy. It’s like Disneyland but with an Imaginary Ones twist.

We have built the progress to create some high-quality gameplay demos.Please keep a lookout in our discord server for the latest updates and progress of the Imaginary World.


In conclusion, this gives you a good idea of what Imaginary Ones is about. We focus on bringing our marketing and business profits back to the Core Product, which is at the heart of everything we do.

With Imaginary Rides on the horizon, we’re confident we’ll be the leading entertainment and wellness brand.

Thank you for being so supportive of Imaginary Ones.
Bubble on! Bloop bloop!



Imaginary Ones

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