Imaginary Ones — Project Updates (June 2022)


Market Conditions

The cryptocurrency and NFT market has lost its momentum and turned bearish. However, regardless of market conditions, we would like to assure all stakeholders that the team continues to work towards our goals.

The Long-term Goal

The Concept Art of Imaginary World

Staking IOs

Holders of Imaginary Ones will soon be able to stake their IOs and send them to “expeditions”. The dashboard will show the number of days you staked it, and the longer you stake your IO, the higher your levels will be — unlocking more benefits and rewards over time.

Preview 1 of Staking Dashboard
Preview 2 of Staking Dashboard

Imaginary Rides

Imaginary Rides (vroom vroom!) are zooming along. Our rides will play an important role in the ecosystem and we can’t wait to bring them to you!

Sneak Peek of Imaginary Rides
Imaginary Ones on the big screen


The team continues to place security as our top priority. Internally, we will be conducting some courses to continue to educate the masses.


Thank you for your support for Imaginary Ones. The team will continue to deliver on the roadmap and execute our vision!



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