Imaginary Ones — Project Updates (June 2022)

Imaginary Ones
4 min readJun 2, 2022


Written by: David Lee (gentlewhale | imaginary ones)

The team will share a routine monthly update every first Wednesday of the month on the progress of the Imaginary Ones’ project.

The recording was done on Youtube by Gentlewhale (David), who explains the progress in detail with slides. Watch the full video here.


We have been growing quickly and now have 27 members on our team. With the additional workforce, things move forward at an accelerated pace. There are still positions on the team, do check them out here if you are interested.

Market Conditions

The cryptocurrency and NFT market has lost its momentum and turned bearish. However, regardless of market conditions, we would like to assure all stakeholders that the team continues to work towards our goals.

It is noteworthy that companies built some of the top crypto projects like SOL and ADA in the previous bear cycle. We feel upbeat and are hard at work to bring more content and value to our holders.

The Long-term Goal

The Concept Art of Imaginary World

In the long-term, we aim to integrate all builds towards “The Imaginary World,” an ecosystem that will allow stakeholders to learn, grow, and find value while also being entertained. We will achieve this in 3 main prongs:

Brand building — where we intend to expand our reach both in the web 2.0 and web 3.0 space to develop our brand’s voice further.

Adding Value — to our holders has always been something we are very passionate about and committed to in providing resources and tools for success in the space. The onboarding of our market analyst is one such implementation.

Being fun and magical — we wish to deliver small joys to our holders through entertainment, surprises, and memorable experiences.

Staking IOs

Holders of Imaginary Ones will soon be able to stake their IOs and send them to “expeditions”. The dashboard will show the number of days you staked it, and the longer you stake your IO, the higher your levels will be — unlocking more benefits and rewards over time.

Preview 1 of Staking Dashboard

During staking, you can participate in quests. There come in varying difficulties, as well as quests for solo and group. Earn limited edition rewards and achievement badges for each of your successes.

Preview 2 of Staking Dashboard

In terms of rewards, the current list of considerations include raffles for NFTs and allowlists, IRL discounts, access passes, merchandise, masterclasses, and access to future collections, tools, and coins.

Imaginary Rides

Imaginary Rides (vroom vroom!) are zooming along. Our rides will play an important role in the ecosystem and we can’t wait to bring them to you!

Sneak Peek of Imaginary Rides

For now, enjoy the sneak peeks!

Imaginary Ones on the big screen

We have secured our first IRL Partnership with Suntec Singapore, which sports the largest high-definition LED wall. For the whole month of June, Imaginary Ones will be screened on the large display in Suntec Singapore.

We are currently in talks with other brands and hope to share good news next month.


The team continues to place security as our top priority. Internally, we will be conducting some courses to continue to educate the masses.

There will also be some resources allocated to create some security tools and bots that can potentially benefit other servers as well.


Thank you for your support for Imaginary Ones. The team will continue to deliver on the roadmap and execute our vision!



Imaginary Ones

Imaginary Ones is a delightful 3D animated art with 8888 magical characters NFTs on the Ethereum network.