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Imaginary Ones
4 min readMay 8, 2022

Written by: David Lee (gentlewhale | imaginary ones)

It’s been close to a week and a half since we completed our mint. We have yet to take a breather as the reveal is right around the corner. Here is a sharing about what we have been up to and what’s to come.

1. Foreword & Vision

Imaginary Ones aims to inspire people through creative storytelling that utilizes the innovative technologies of web3.

The ultimate goal is to reach top-of-mind awareness as a household brand.

The founders are seasoned content creators. We will leverage our expertise in digital media, communications, and marketing as a base. The plan is to move towards animated programs, characters, games, merchandise, etc.

We aim to be the bridge between web2 and web3. We find that as a whole, the scene could use better UIUX to improve experiences if we want more retail consumers to come in.

Additionally, after reaching out to existing web2 partners, there’s no doubt that big corps are looking to enter the web3 scene to expand their influence. In our opinion, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing for them to enter web3 as they need to play by web3 rules. They will bring waves of liquidity and retail consumers alongside them.

There’s a massive pot of gold being the intermediary between web2 and web3 at the current stage of the market. Strap on your seatbelts, and let’s blast past the moon together.

2. Short-Term Goals / Utility

We will never forget the holders who believed in us, which gave us this opportunity to launch Imaginary Ones. We will work simultaneously towards short-term and long-term goals to provide maximum value for holders.

In the next quarter, we’ll be delivering staking for IOs and the second collection, Imaginary Vehicles.

  1. Staking (1mth+)

As we move towards an ecosystem to allow all ages and retail users to enter, we’d like to give an advantage to our holders by allowing staking to earn a variety of rewards.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come.

Sneak Preview 1: Imaginary Ones Profile
Sneak Preview 2: Imaginary Ones Staking
Sneak Preview 3: Imaginary Ones Achievement

2. Imaginary Vehicles (3mth+)

Holders can also expect to receive an airdrop of “Imaginary Vehicles” that compliments the Imaginary World ecosystem.

Sneak Preview : Imaginary Vehicles

3. Reveal

The reveal date for Imaginary Ones is set for 11 May (GMT+0).

We have been checking through the designs multiple times to ensure that we deliver the best quality 3D animated videos.

You can expect:

  1. Preview all IOs at one glance from the collection page.
  2. HD video quality when NFT is played.
  3. Videos will play at 60 frames per second.
  4. A few hundred unique traits (we think we overdid it) to make your IOs look unique.
  5. 25 legendary pieces.
  6. Measures are in place to prevent Metadata leaks. At the present moment, metadata has not been generated yet.
  7. PFP tool will be released shortly after the reveal.

4. Hires

The team is looking at around 30+ hires to meet our long-term goals. They range from devs to marketers and more. Hires will take some time to fly off, but you can expect things to move faster once the team is assembled.

Current openings are listed on:

5. Public Relations & Social Media

The company has been reaching out on the PR side. You will be seeing more articles and interviews about Imaginary Ones coming.

Imaginary Ones will also hire a dedicated PR and Social Media Manager to front this. We understand that there is some concern as our Twitter activity is dropping due to our focus on reveal. It will bounce back doubly strong as we secure more professionals to man the fort.

6. Live Meet-Ups

The Team will be organizing a meet-up session for holders in Singapore sometime in early June. Expect food, drinks, and good company. Watch out for the announcement in discord for this.

We will be heading to NFT NYC in late June. It will be an excellent opportunity to meet up with the best in the scene and rub shoulders with potential partners and collaborators. Do say hi when you see us there!

7. Conclusion

That’s all the updates for this round.
Once again, big thanks to all our supporters. We love you.



Imaginary Ones

Imaginary Ones is a delightful 3D animated art with 8888 magical characters NFTs on the Ethereum network.