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Welcome to Bubble Rider, an exciting endless runner game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this skill-based web 3.0 game, you aim to collect bubbles and cover as much distance as possible to earn points.

As you drift through challenging tracks, you must dodge obstacles, make sharp turns, and collect as many bubbles as possible to increase your score. The further you go, the more points you’ll earn.

Play, drift & compete with other players to climb up the leaderboard and earn a spot on the exclusive Imaginary Rides allowlist.

Table of Contents:

  • 1. Key Dates
  • 2. Game Mechanics
  • 3. Leaderboard & Leagues
  • 4. Allowlists for Imaginary Rides
  • 5. Bubble Rider Prizes
  • 6. Bonus Multipliers (max 25%)
  • 7. Cheating / Delegating
  • 8. Issues / Bugs
  • 9. Other FAQs

1. Key Dates

12 Apr: Launch of Bubble Rider
3 May: Last Day of Bubble Rider
TBA: Wallet Checker Page — To check the prizes you are eligible for
TBA: Mint Date

2. Game Mechanics

Choose your vehicle and navigate the Bubble Rider course with a single button — Spacebar.

There are two methods to score points, distance & bubble points. Both will add together to give you a final score, which will be recorded on public/private and global leaderboards.

#1: Distance points
Stay as long as you can on the track. The longer you stay, the more points you get.

#2: Bubble points
Collect as many bubbles on the track. Each bubble gives you additional points.

#3: Powerups
There are 3 different powerups that you can collect:

  • Magnetic Force — Attract bubbles to your ride automatically (10s duration)
  • Crown of Triumph — Doubles the # of bubbles collected (10s duration)
  • Jewel Jackpot — Instantly gains 100 bubbles

3. Leaderboard & Leagues

Public league

The Public League is an open league that anyone can join.
In this league, the top 2000 ranked players will be awarded 1 X Imaginary Rides VIP allowlist each.

Private league

The Private League is a discord role-gated league open to NFT project holders. Only those who hold specific NFTs can participate in this league.

In this league, you’ll be competing against fellow NFT project holders. There’s a different set of prizes in each private league.

Global Leaderboard

The Global Leaderboard comprises the results from both the Public League and the Private League.

This combined leaderboard offers a view of the top players in Bubble Rider, including those who have participated in the open Public League and the Private League.

In the Global Leaderboard, attractive prizes await those in the top 50.

4. Allowlists for Imaginary Rides


We have two categories of allowlists.

VIP allowlists are given out via the public & private leaderboards, along with other giveaways and marketing activities.

VIPs will be guaranteed a spot during the minting for the Imaginary Rides.

FCFS allowlists are given out to all participants of Bubble Rider. As long as you have played Bubble Rider and submitted your wallet address, you are part of the FCFS allowlist.

With FCFS (first-come-first-served) allowlist mint, a limited number of 1000 Imaginary Rides will be allocated to this group to mint. On a first-come-first-served basis, you can mint Imaginary Rides until the allocation runs out.

Waitlist — The minters in the FCFS category that mint from the 1001 position onwards will be entered into a waitlist. If VIP allowlist slots are not claimed, people on the waitlist will get the NFT.

5. Bubble Rider Prizes

Public league

The top 2000 players will win an Imaginary Rides VIP allowlist spot.*

*Meet the following criteria before game ends on 3rd May 6pm (SGT) to win the VIP allowlist:
- Be the first 2000 that meet all criterias
- Submit an ETH wallet address in Bubble Rider game
- Have a minimum of 0.1eth in wallet
- Join Imaginary Ones discord

Winners will be granted a BR-VIP role once the scores are tabulated by 5th May 6pm (SGT).

Private league

Depending on the individual private leagues, you can win:

  • Imaginary Rides airdrops
  • Imaginary Rides allowlist

Please check the private leagues for the specific quantities of each prize.

Global leaderboard

Your highest score on either the Public or Private league will be automatically added to the Global Leaderboard, where you will compete for exciting prizes.

  • Top 1–7: 1x Legendary Imaginary Rides
  • Top 30: 1x Imaginary Ones
  • Top 50: 1x Imaginary Rides airdropped

The prizes are stackable.

Here are three different scenarios for illustration:

Scenario #1: Ranked #2 on Global Leaderboard

You will win 1x Legendary Imaginary Rides, 1x Imaginary Ones, and 1x Imaginary Rides airdropped.

Scenario #2: Ranked #18 on Global Leaderboard

You will win 1x Imaginary Ones, and 1x Imaginary Rides airdropped.

Scenario #3: Ranked #34 on Global Leaderboard

You will win 1x Imaginary Rides airdropped.

6. Bonus Multipliers (max 25%)

If you own any of these NFTs, you are eligible for a bonus multiplier in the Bubble Rider game.


For Imaginary Ones Holders:

The bonus is as follows:

  • 1 Imaginary Ones = 10% bonus
  • 5 Imaginary Ones = 20% bonus
  • 10 Imaginary Ones = 25% bonus
  • 1 Legendary Trait = Additional 20% bonus

For CMTTAT Foundation Genesis Holders:

  • Each Genesis piece = an Additional 20% bonus

There’s a max cap of 25% bonus.

The bonus multiplier adds a % increase to your score in the Public League and the Global Leaderboard.

What if I don’t have an IO?

Step 1: Purchase one from OpenSea.
Step 2: Stake your Imaginary Ones at our staking platform.
Step 3: Claim your discord role here.

Once done, log in to the Bubble Rider game to see the bonus reflected in new runs on the Bubble Rider game.

Which league is the bonus multiplier applicable to?

The bonus applies to the Public League and the Imaginary Ones’ Private League.

When you compete in either league, the highest score (after any bonus multiplier) is automatically added to the Global Leaderboards.

What happens to the bonus multiplier if my Imaginary Ones are transferred from my wallet?

If your Imaginary Ones NFT is transferred from your staking wallet before 8th May 2023, the bonus multiplier will be removed from your leaderboard scores.

7. Cheating / Delegating

The Imaginary Ones team has zero tolerance for people who cheats or delegates. Users will be banned without warning.

Cheating — If we discover cheating or violating the game’s terms of use, we will disqualify your score and remove it from the leaderboard.

Your discord account will also be banned, and you wouldn’t be able to compete in Bubble Rider.

Delegating — The act of delegating is getting another party to play on your account. If any delegation is detected, we will disqualify the score and account.

8. Issues / Bugs

For any issues or bugs, please send a report here.

9. Other FAQs

Who can play?

Anyone from the public can play.

What do I need to play?

You will need a computer with a stable internet connection and a Discord ID (for verification). It is not a requirement, but you can submit your ETH wallet address to be eligible for prizes.

Can I play it on any browser?

Currently, only Google Chrome and Firefox are supported.

What if I don’t have an ETH wallet?

If you do not own a wallet, you can create one for free at https://metamask.io/

How do I score points?

You score points by drifting and collecting as many bubbles as you can.

If you own an Imaginary Ones NFT or a CMTTAT genesis foundation NFT, you will also get a bonus multiplier to your overall score.

What’s next after I played Bubble Rider?

After Bubble Rider ends on 3rd May 2023, check the leaderboard to see if you qualify for any Imaginary Rides VIP allowlist spots or prizes.

If you are eligible for the top prizes, they will be airdropped to the wallet address you used to play Bubble Rider.

If you qualify for the Imaginary Rides VIP allowlist spots, mint your Imaginary Rides. The mint date is to be announced on our Twitter and Discord.

How many times can I play the game?

You can play Bubble Rider as many times as you want.
The game will be available 24/7, so you can enjoy it whenever possible.

How is scoring tracked for each player?

Your score is calculated in points and is determined by the distance traveled, the number of bubbles collected, and the rarity of bubbles collected.

Each bubble type has a different rarity and point value, meaning some will earn you more points than others.

When can I play Bubble Rider till?

You can play Bubble Rider from 12th April 2023 to 3rd May 2023.

For the Global Leaderboard prizes, there’s a requirement to keep your Imaginary Ones NFT staked to be eligible for the bonus points multiplier.

Will there be a public mint?

No, there will not be a public mint.

What is the minimum number of points for the FCFS allowlist?

If you have attempted the game once, scored >0 points, and added your wallet address, you will be eligible for the FCFS allowlist.

What happens if there’s a tie?

Based on when they started their run, the player who got the highest score first will be given the higher ranking on the leaderboard.

Why is my score not showing on the leaderboard?

If we detect anything unusual, your score and account will be flagged for review, and your scores will be hidden. These are some (but not limited to) reasons why your score is not logged.

  • Faulty system hardware, e.g., crashing mid game
    - Unstable network connection, including high latency
    - Non-standard/non-certified hardware drivers
    - Running 3rd party software that could affect the game, such as browser addons or graphics overlays
    - Any form of game automation
    - Account boosting, sharing, selling
    - Switching tabs while playing, watching things on other tabs in the background
    - Using incompatible browsers/devices
    - Any hacks/exploits/cheats

If you have double then triple checked everything in the list above, and are 100% sure your score is legitimate, open a ticket in our discord server, and we will review your case.



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